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Chichewa Language Specialist

My name is Alick Kadango Bwanal (AKB). I am a Teacher, a Translator, an Editor... My work involves teaching, translating, interpreting, editing and conducting research and consultancies on language and cross-cutting issues. My current academic interest is in Terminology Development in the context of Malawian indigenous languages.

I also serve as a full time Lecturer in the African Languages and Linguistics Department at Chancellor College.

I have a passion for writing in my vernacular language, Chichewa. On behalf of the Centre, I contribute to Mkwaso, a Montfort media newspaper exclusively published in Chichewa. Check our column Bwalo la Ziyankhulo.

Translation can be challenging at times but I have enjoyed it and it has given more insight into how we use language to represent concepts. Working with languages gives me great joy and satisfaction. What do you do?


Mobile: +265 888 310 918

        +265 995 142 331


Skype: Onyamata

Twitter: Onyamata

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