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Welcome to the second edition of CLS News in 2009. As the editorial board promised last time, CLS News is committed to keeping you informed about work taking place at the Centre.Among the milestones the Centre has achieved over the past three months are translation of Fearless Fighter, an autobiography of Vera Chirwa into Chichewa; the completion of the Ciyawo monolingual dictionary funded by the Centre for Advanced Studies of African Society (CASAS) and the drawing of a language atlas for the Central and Southern regions of Malawi following the language mapping survey that was conducted between August and September, 2008.Currently, the Centre is pre- occupied with the Malawi Lexicon (MALEX) Project. The project is on lexicography and it involves gathering vocabulary (lemma), defining the lemma and illustrating the definitions with language examples. These are entered on the web. The project is being funded by NUFU in Norway and is being done in three Malawian languages: Chichewa, Ciyawo and Citumbuka.The next edition of CLS News will be out in July 2009. Meanwhile, CLS News editorial board would like to wish all readers a happy Easter season.

 Mario S. Thodi            Arnold F. Mboga 
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