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The Centre participates in a project, Malex, financed by NUFU in Norway. The cooperating university in Norway is NTNU. Prof. Lars Hellan is the nordic coordinator and Prof. Pascal Kishindo is the coordinator in Malawi.

The "LEX" in Malex stands for "lexicon" and lexica will be among the concrete results of the project. Malex, however, will strive to introduce modern methodologies from computational and corpus linguistics in order to

  • make the process of lexicon creation efficient and
  • make the final result reusable in new projects without having to put in the same amount of manual effort as the first product required.

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Status report

By far one of the most important results of the project will be to recruit graduate students who will return to Malawi with doctorate degrees.


Notes from meetings

NUFU vist in November 2007

Dr. Daniel Ridings and Prof. Lars Hellan visited CLS in November of 2007. We have tried to keep running notes of the visit so that a record will be left behind. These have been divided into two sections:

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