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The Centre for Language Studies was established in 1996 under the Faculty of Humanities, Chancellor College, University of Malawi as a Government of Malawi initiative to take over and expand the functions of the defunct Chichewa Board. Its mandate was broadened to cover not only Chichewa but all languages spoken in Malawi.

Core Activities

The principle activities of the Centre are as follows:

Services Offered

Principal Staff

Director: Prof Al D. Mtenje, BEd (Mw); MA (S.Illinois); PhD (Lon); Professor of Linguistics

Deputy Director: Vacant

Language Specialists:

Chichewa Section: Alick Kadango Bwanali, BEd (Mw), MA, (Mw) (Acting Deputy Director)

Chichewa Section: Mario S. Thodi, BEd (Mw)

Citumbuka Section: Jean Chavula, MA (Mw)

Ciyawo Section: Ahmmardouh Nuruddin Ussi Mjaya; BEd (Mw)

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