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Technical Notes from the NUFU visit

These notes cover some of the technical aspects of the visit. We did divide the visit into two parts: a technical visit and a kick-off visit. Installing a server

This went reasonably well. We could not use one of the new Dell machines, but we probably did not want to anyway. They are good and fast machines. The server does not need to be running a graphical interface system (like Windows) so it can get by with less power.

We installed Ubuntu 7.10 server on a Packard Bell machine. The server is configured to provide:

  • a web server (you are reading this by using the web server)
  • email (but only locally withing the local network)
  • file server (you can save files on the server for backup)

In order for the last two functions to work (email and shares (= file server) we will have to create accounts for each member so that they can log on to the server and use the facilities. Try and keep each user name 8 characters long at the most. Less than 8 characters is ok.


I have started a cron job that takes a backup of the database at 17:30 every day and takes a backup of the wiki at 18:16 every day (well, Monday to Friday).

The files are put in /home/daniel

The date is appended to each file so they have unique names. They do not overwrite each other.

Work places

When I refer to "work places" I am simply referring to the other machines, the nice DELL machines that came recently.

They are nice, but they refuse to run Ubuntu. I did not know that DELL machines are such a problem when it comes to this. 99% of modern machines run Ubuntu without a problem. DELL belongs to the 1% I guess. None of us knew this so we really could not have predicted it. After two and a half days of trying, I give up. I do not do that often.

It is not a catastrophe, but it is a headache. I wanted to use Ubuntu because the Linux operating system (Ubuntu is a flavor of Linux) is not a problem when it comes to viruses. Windows will be a major headache, as everyone knows.

I brought some anti-virus software with me (Bit Defender 2008).

Bit Defender 2008

I bought five licenses right before I came, so we should be set for the rest of 2007 and most of 2008.

Since we are not on the internet, we cannot update the software. Eventually a virus will come along that Bit Defender does not know about because of that.

There is another problem, however, connected to lack of internet access. Bit Defender has a registration process. It consists of two steps:

  • Entering the license number: XXX
  • Opening an account and logging in the Bit Defender site

Obviously we cannot do that so we have to click on the button "Open an account later" or something like that during the registration process (step 2).

This means that we do not complete the registration process and we will probably be asked to do it again the next time we start a computer.

Just create a little file with Notepad containing the registration number above and save it under My Documents or on the desktop. That way you can copy and paste the number into the registration form each time.

The up-side to this little irritating process is that we can install it on more than 5 machines. It will not show up until we all log on and create our accounts.

The software can be used for 30 days (evaluation) without entering a license number. This can be handy for cleaning up a machine you know is infected.

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Page last modified on September 05, 2009, at 11:25 AM