The Centre for Language Studies

University of Malawi - Chancellor College

CLS Mandate

The Centre for Language Studies is a research institution under the Faculty of Humanities at Chancellor College, University of Malawi in Zomba. It was established in 1996 under instruction from government to replace the Chichewa Board whose responsibility was to promote the development of Chichewa, Malawi's national language. The Centre's main mandate is to promote the development of all Malawian languages and guide government on language policy matters.

The Center also recognizes the educational, social, economic and political importance of non-African languages such as English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish and others. It therefore, carries out research and consultancy in these languages as well.

CLS vision and mission statement

Organisation and activities


*MaLex (Malawi Lexicon Project) is financed by NUFU in Norway and is based at the Centre for Language Studies and NTNU in Trondheim. You will find more information in the poster.